White Backlash Is Nothing New

In the short run, the media spotlight on the white backlash of 1963–64 appeared to have been spectacularly misplaced. The movement proved to be an electoral failure, one almost immediately demonstrated to have been on the wrong side of history. Not only did the Civil Rights Act pass in 1964, but later that year, Lyndon B. Johnson won an overwhelming election victory, leading him to speculate that a “frontlash” of civil-rights support was far more significant than what he labeled the “so-called backlash,” which suffered crushing double defeats that year. Johnson predicted at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City that “for every backlash that the Democrats lose, we pick up three frontlash [votes],” and his shellacking of Barry Goldwater on Election Day seemed to prove him correct.

But, as Johnson was also well aware, the forces of backlash were far from defeated. “I think we just delivered the South

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Careers in Employee Health and Fitness: Grad Spotlights

Since May is Global Employee Health & Wellness Month, we’re highlighting two AFPA graduates who made their dreams possible and began working in the corporate and employee wellness space.

Katie Jensen

Tell us about your background. How did you get into a health and fitness career?

Like a lot of people, I was pretty active as a child and played sports in school, but after college and starting to work full time, my fitness definitely took a back seat.  After quite a few years of working in retail and developing some bad habits and a high amount of stress, I started working out again in my own home to try to regain my health.  Once I realized how good it felt to be fit and healthy again, I decided it was time for a career change, and I looked into personal training certifications.  That was back in 2009, and I

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Workout for Your Community with Youfit

Though we’re socially distancing these days, there are still things we can do to strengthen our communities while staying active. At Youfit Health Clubs, we’re offering our members LES MILLS On Demand streaming fitness classes to bring the gym home, but there are some extra exercises you can do that also help your community while staying within social distancing guidelines. 

Here are some of our favorite workouts that also work for strengthening your community.

Trade the treadmill for your neighbor’s yard by helping with their yard upkeep if they’re not feeling well enough to do so right now. This is a no contact cardio exercise that can go a long way for the neighbor you’re helping. 

If you typically enjoy exercise machines that help build muscle or you’re a fan of weights, this exercise is the one for you! While you’re already at the grocery store for your own shopping,

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