Best Workout Classes for Beginners

While many people know that exercise is an important part of overall health, some people dread hitting the gym. Look, we get it. Gyms can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be this way! While we’ve designed every Youfit Health Club to be welcoming to people of all fitness levels, ages, and goals, we have taken things a step further with our group fitness classes. Imagine working out with friends, workout buddies who become friends, and helpful instructors who are there to guide you through your workout. 

Gym newbies, avid weight lifters, and everyday exercisers can all benefit from group workout classes. So if you’re ready to get social, get physical, and get healthy, check out some of the best workout classes for beginners. Bonus tip, sign up for our Lime Card affordable gym membership and enjoy unlimited group classes!

Popular Group Workouts Best for Beginners

So you’re ready to get your workout on, but you’re not sure which class to choose. Maybe you’re looking to dance, or meditation is more your route. Or, maybe you’re looking for classes that focus on cardio. Whatever your need, we have your fit with popular group workouts for beginners. 

Some of the best workout classes for beginners include:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Zumba
  • Cycle
  • HIIT
  • PiYo

Many beginners like classes like pilates, yoga, Zumba, cycle, HIIT, and PiYo because these classes combine fun and fitness. A Zumba class, for example, can feel more like a party than a workout. And many people feel on top of the world after finishing up a cycle class. So when choosing your best fit for group fitness, focus on your goals and we’ll take care of the rest. 

What Type of Group Exercise is Best for Me?

When choosing a fitness class, it’s important to think about what class is best for you and your goals. A class that works for your workout buddy may not be one that you enjoy, so it’s important to choose your best fit. Consider your goals, your current fitness levels, and your comfort doing different exercises. 

Benefits of Group Workout Classes for Beginners

Group workout classes bring tons of benefits to participants. These classes are a great fit for beginners because they give you the chance to workout under the guidance of experts while exercising with others in a non-intimidating atmosphere. Group classes are fun, engaging, and great for sticking to your fitness goals. Whether you’re experiencing the health benefits of Zumba, the strengthening of LesMills classes, or the energy of cardio kickboxing, there are tons of benefits of group exercise.

A Beginner’s Guide to Group Fitness Classes

Follow our guide to group fitness classes:

  1. Figure out what your goals are so you’ll know which class can help you reach them. With your Youfit gym membership, you’ll get a free fitness assessment from our certified YouCoaches who can help you choose the right classes for your goals. 
  2. See which classes are most interesting to you. Hey, working out should be fun, after all! Check out your club’s class offerings (or stop by another Youfit location with your Lime Card membership, we won’t judge) and see which classes sound good for you. 
  3. Learn more about the class. Ask your gym buddies, peek in while the class is going on, or ask our front desk team about our most popular group classes. 
  4. Book a class and bring the right equipment. Check with the front desk or class instructor about what you may need to bring for the class. Some classes don’t require any extra equipment, but others might.
  5. Show up with an open mind and get ready to have a great time. We’re not in the business of gymtimidation, we’re focused on helping everyone pursue their goals in a welcoming environment. When you’re in a group class at Youfit, you’re with other gym-goers who are also pursuing their health goals. So relax and have a great time! 

Working Out with a Group for the First Time

Getting started with something new like hitting the gym or working out in a group can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! At Youfit, we’re here to help you crush your goals and group classes are a great way to achieve your health and fitness victories. Come see what we’re all about, get your free gym pass today!