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The same applies between young people and adults. Parents should talk to their children about drug abuse and the dangers of it. The adults also have to listen to their children and be supportive in difficult situations, such as for example to resist group pressure. It is also very important that the adult precedes a good example and does not abuse either alcohol or medicine. Children to parents who have a light-hearted relationship to alcohol and drugs often have easier to develop addiction. Overall, strong ties and mutual respect between parents and children are an important preventive factor against drug abuse.

What can you do to stay drug-free after detoxification?

It is easy to fall into old habits and old environments after detoxification. Do not let the laborious detoxification period be of no use. Fortunately, there is help to get.


You can get support and encouragement of trained staff except from friends and family. Both employees in the social services and healthcare can help you with your problems. From the you can take the best consultation now.

Treatment program

There are a number of treatment programs for you and possibly your closest relatives. Some are in the form of regular consultations, and others in the form of treatment options where you are enrolled in an institution. For certain conditions, there is also drug treatment for which the healthcare is responsible.

Self-help groups

These are usually groups whose method is based on Anonymous Alcoholics Twelve Step Program (there are similar drug abuse groups, NA) where you meet people in the same life situation as yourself.

Abstaining from abuse is a long and difficult way to go. Even though there are many who want to help you, a lot of the burden still rests on your shoulders. Do not give up a better life awaits.

There is good help for young people

There is help for those who have problems with alcohol or drugs. As a mate or sibling you can support and support, but the desire to get help must come from the person himself.

The first step is that the person acknowledges that the alcohol or drugs are a problem. It can be difficult when you have an ongoing abuse or addiction. Therefore, it may be an adult in the presence of the person who is responsible for ensuring that they seek or get help if they suspect drug use or alcohol problems.

  • Your friend or sibling can contact a youth reception or healthcare center to talk about the problems and learn more about the help. They can also contact any place that helps people who have alcohol or drugs problems. They can be found through social services. If you want to be anonymous you can call one of the support organizations.
  • Some who do not want help first can change over time, and want to work to change their drinking or drug use.
  • Another tip is to contact the social service where the person lives. This can be done anonymously. The Social Service is responsible for finding out more if they are told that someone is having alcohol or drugs.