6 Things to Look Out for Before Taking (or Recommending) a Supplement

Health professionals tend to have strong opinions when it comes to the role of supplements in the overall health and wellness of their patients and clients. Some see supplements as an ally to achieving health and fitness goals, while others feel that we should focus solely on diet and exercise before thinking of integrating supplements into our daily regimen. 

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The Science of Appetite for Health and Wellness Professionals

Most health coaches have at least one client that complains about never feeling full when they are restricting their food intake. They find they are having to choose between suffering through the feeling of constant hunger or eating more than planned within their diet plan. The latter, more often than not, means they are eating more than their body needs. 

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The Anti-Inflammatory Diet Food Pyramid

An anti-inflammatory diet is recommended to people to prevent different health issues from arising or as part of a treatment regimen for a range of chronic conditions, from a permeable gut (leaky gut) to chronic back pain.

However, there are few research-backed resources available that can guide people on what an anti-inflammatory diet actually consists of.  

Luckily, some researchers have developed important resources for health professionals to help guide their clients and patients on making dietary and lifestyle choices that fight against inflammation and could have a significant positive impact on their health. 

Making anti-inflammatory dietary choices shouldn’t be confusing or complicated. At AFPA, we’ve reviewed the most up-to-date research and resources available on anti-inflammatory diets to empower coaches and clients alike. 

In this article, we provide you with information about inflammation in general and guide you through easy-to-understand and transferrable resources that can help you promote the

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