How to Beat a Drug Test and Deal With Legal Cannabis and Employment

We can all agree that the popularity of medicinal weed became prominent in the last few years. The main reason for that is because marijuana is an efficient remedy for numerous health conditions, and it is gaining public traction in the USA nowadays.

For instance, you should know that most physicians that can prescribe weed are doing it for various illnesses such as chronic pain, glaucoma, and some types of cancer.

You should know that Drug Policy Alliance stated that more than 70% of people are for complete legalization of weed for medicinal purposes in case that doctor prescribes it of course.

The main problem is how to handle mandatory drug screenings and legal weed consumption. You should visit this link: so that you can learn how to cleanse your urine so you can pass a drug test with ease.

Nowadays, both the production and consumption of medical cannabis are legal in 23 states as well as the District of Columbia.

Therefore, this particular movement is moving forward, and in the next few years, we can expect the complete legalization for both recreational and medicinal use.

Since the weed entered the mainstream, that created issues for employers, especially if they are not sure how to treat people that are consuming marijuana for medicinal reasons. That is why we decided to present you tips that will allow you to handle this particular problem:

  1. Respond To Inquiries

The first thing you should remember when it comes to hiring someone who consumes medical weed is that inquiries are great ways to get familiar with the person and his/her habits.

When an employee asks you whether he/she is allowed to consume prescribed cannabis, most employers would ban this particular idea and even terminate a contract with an employee.

However, that is the worst thing that you can do in general. Instead of being impulsive and causing liability issues, you should ask the employee to describe his/her problem as well as accommodations that they are requiring.

As an employer, you have to respect the right for privacy during the discussions such as medical issues.

However, as an employer, you need to have a legitimate interest so that you can ensure that not all medications that your employees are using are affecting the safety and productivity of the workplace.

You have to make sure that they are consuming medicaments in a responsible manner that will not affect overall productivity and create other safety issues as well. It is important to understand why people consume weed as health remedy by checking here.

  1. Accommodating Employee Use

Since some specific conditions require the consumption of various medications, even medical weed because that allows them to function better than before and to tolerate chronic pain.

If this is the case with your employees, it is reasonable to state that the usage has to be discreet and away from the workplace.

Some state laws and regulations have requirements that dictate whether employers should create zero-tolerance policy and implement cannabis consumers.

Even though medical marijuana use requires specific accommodation, in some states such as Colorado, employers do not have to tolerate the consumption in the workplace.

Therefore, in most cases, everything is based on the employer and his regulations, which is the same for all employees and workers.

  1. Create Workplace Policy

We have mentioned above that in Colorado, for instance, as well as other states such as Oregon, Alaska, and Washington, people can consume weed for recreational purposes without going to jail as before.

Therefore, employers have to create another formulation of drug policies so that they can protect themselves against liabilities and other issues that could happen along the way. It is crucial to develop a specific policy that addresses the use of recreational marijuana.

Some employers allow people to consume weed in their own time away from work, but it is prohibited to work under influence and intoxicated.

Generally speaking, it is a much safer solution to ban smoking weed in the offices as well as the workplace. Of course, working under the influence is not only prohibited but also risky and can cause severe safety issues for all employees.

We recommend you to revise current recreational weed policy so that you can enjoy all the way. If you wish to learn how to consume medical marijuana, you should check out this guide:

  1. Ban The Consumption Completely

Finally, you will always have the ability to prohibit the consumption of weed entirely so that you can reduce the chances of accidents and other issues due to intoxicated work. However, this could be problematic from an employee-relations standpoint.

Instead of altogether banning it, you should focus on behavior that happens during the working hours, since this particular approach is simple to conduct, more enforceable, and it respects employee right to privacy.

If you work in the industry in which safety concerns are transparent, and you are operating heavy machinery, consuming and working under the influence of weed should be prohibited similarly as alcohol.

You should also create drug-testing guidelines that will allow you to maintain a drug-free environment by conducting random screenings.

Even though we have mentioned above the right to privacy that every single employee has, especially during lunchtime and breaks, you have to make sure that employees are not consuming anything during spare time.

If you demand that everyone works at full capacity, you should completely ban the consumption of psychoactive substances that may affect the way employees are handlings things.

You can easily do it by setting lunch, break time policy, in which you are demanding that no one consumes alcohol, and weed during the break.


As you can see from everything we have mentioned above, medical marijuana as well as recreational one is gaining and will gain more recognition in the times that will come. Therefore, you have to create a policy that will protect both yours and employees rights.

It is vital to create a balance between ensuring perfect productivity and respecting employee privacy. However, the main problem is testing technology that cannot determine the current levels of THC but the previous usage.

Therefore, we are waiting for new tools to help employers maintain drug-free working areas.