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Whether you can workout for one minute or one hour, it’s always worth it. Whether you can make it to the local gym and have all the equipment in the world or you need to get creative with an at home workout, it’s still always worth it. Home workouts are not a one size fits all approach. You have goals and you know what you want to get out of your workouts. In this blog we help you determine which type of home workout is best for you. It’s also important to recognize that the goals you have at the gym may not be the goal that is most important to you right now. Above all the most important thing is to do some type of workout to relieve stress, maintain immunity and keep your body active.

Think of your body as a door, and your joints as the hinges.

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Supplements to Support Clients with Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an unpredictable and often disabling disease. No one is sure of what causes it, so there is no known cure.

We do know, however, that it is a chronic inflammatory disorder that principally affects the central nervous system by interrupting the flow of information inside of the brain and between the body and the brain. 

With MS, which usually presents in twenty-to-forty-year-old people, we see significant amounts of scar tissue and damaged myelin sheathes that leave nerves exposed. Exposed nerves are unable to effectively transmit messages within the brain or throughout the nervous system.

Consequently, MS patients report the following symptoms:

  • Poor vision, partial blindness, central vision loss
  • Cognitive impairment, like memory loss, poor judgment
  • Clumsiness, loss of balance
  • Numbness and tingling, loss of physical sensation
  • Extreme mood swings, depression
  • Digestive complications
  • Slurred speech

As the disease progresses, these conditions generally worsen, resulting in paralysis, mania,

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How to Use Text Message Marketing to Grow Your Wellness Business

If you’re a personal trainer, health coach, or a nutritionist, the key to growing your business is motivating your leads and customers. Text messages can help you motivate your customers while growing your business. 

The Benefits of Text Marketing

Text messaging has numerous benefits. First, your customers are still used to receiving texts from their friends and family. When you text your customers, they’ll automatically feel like they know you. This builds trust in the short and in the long term. Secondly, we associate text messages with individual senders. Even if you are using software to send text blasts, the action still comes across as you being personally interested in every individual.

When you text your customers, you’re showing them that you care about their personal progress. And when you’re running a health and/or fitness business, this is a significant competitive advantage. Your competitors aren’t texting – they’re still posting.

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Youfit Partners with LES MILLS On Demand

With the current health climate, many Americans are staying home these days. But just because you are home doesn’t mean you have to miss your workouts. Keeping a routine is crucial to feeling your best during these times, and for many people, working out is an important part of their routines. At Youfit Health Clubs, we’re here to help you keep your routines, whether it’s yoga, cardio, Bodypump, or anything else. We’re giving access to over 800 streaming fitness classes to our members, so now’s the time to try something new!

What is LES MILLS On Demand?

Image courtesy of LES MILLS On Demand

LES MILLS On Demand is a leading platform that offers over 800 workout classes, instantly streaming to your phone, tablet, or other connected device. These online workout classes are the next development in at home workouts, giving users the ability to pick from virtually any workout

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Holistic Nutritionists Share Their Clients Biggest Misconceptions

With the media, countless “medical” websites, and everyone self-diagnosing, there are a million misconceptions out there about nutrition, health, and weight loss.

Nutritionists hear about these falsehoods every day, and they can’t help but shake their heads at all the crazy stuff that people will believe. In this article, our goal is to debunk some of these theories and show you that nutrition and weight loss aren’t as hard as you think if you’re following the right formula. 

You need to detox all the time. 

One of the biggest crazes right now is detoxing. You’ve got detox drinks, coffee, soda, teas, juices, and more. Registered dietician nutritionist Stacie Ellis explains that the body already detoxes itself using the kidneys and skin.

Part of the reason why people feel like cleanses and detoxes work so well is that they physically feel better as a result of the detox; it has nothing

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