The Former Cop YouTuber Who Films the Inner City

Video above: A snippet from Charlie Moore aka CharlieBo313’s YouTube video titled “SAN FRANCISCO WORST HOUSING PROJECTS / HOOD INTERVIEW”

Charlie Moore shoots hood safaris. For years, he’s filmed visits to the most impoverished neighborhoods in cities across the United States for his CharlieBo313 YouTube channel, which has almost 350,000 subscribers. The titles of his videos are nakedly voyeuristic: “Chicago South Side Worst Hoods”; “San Francisco Most Dangerous Hoods”; “Las Vegas Worst Hoods”; “New Orleans Most Ghetto Streets.”

“I’m just documenting the type of environment similar to what I grew up in,” Moore told me. “I’m not even passing judgment.” The videos lean hard into this presumed neutrality. Compared with the dazzle of similar popular YouTube channels such as Say Cheese TV and HoodVlogs—accounts known as “hood news” for their niche focus on Black communities—CharlieBo313’s videos are empty and unembellished, devoid of character and style. There’s no

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The Coming Threat to Gay Rights

The agency argues that the city’s refusal to contract with it constitutes discrimination against religion. It contends that despite Philadelphia’s anti-discrimination laws, the city itself considers various factors—including religious, economic, and racial considerations—when determining the placement for a child. If the city may take these factors into consideration in service of the “best interests” of the child, the agency opines, then prohibiting a Catholic adoption agency from considering the sexual orientation of potential adopting couples in the name of “religious belief” should be unconstitutional. According to the agency, if Philadelphia provides any exceptions to its general anti-discrimination policy, it must provide exceptions to that rule to religious adoption agencies as well. To not do so, the agency argues, constitutes religious discrimination, which is a violation of religious freedom as guaranteed by the free-exercise clause of the First Amendment.


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The Plot to Kidnap Me

Look no further than the president calling me a “dictator” on Fox News, Mitch McConnell laughing on the debate stage as his Democratic challenger called on him to save lives by passing a COVID-19 relief bill, or Republican legislative leaders right here in Michigan fraternizing with those who stormed the Michigan capitol, long guns in hand. From the White House all the way down to state and local governments, these leaders have shown a disdain for unity and have failed to rally fellow Americans against a common enemy: COVID-19.

Even now, as leaders from both sides of the aisle call on him to tone down his violent rhetoric, Trump just keeps going, hostile as ever. He is trying to distract Americans from his failure to protect our families and trying to divide us further to win the election. He has taken to Twitter to spread lies and launch

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